Casio Announce Auto Time-Zone Watches for Travelers

  • Automatically adjust the time zone for travelers
  • Solar powered
  • Five independent motors for fast function switching

Casio has launched a watch that automatically adjusts the time as the user travels across different timezones.It can also be manually adjusted in areas where the transmitter is not operational, a unique feature not available in most other time zone watches.

The Waveceptor EQW-A1110 uses a transmitter-controlled system that receives information from six different time-zone transmitters around the world.

Users no longer need to manually adjust the time on their watches when travelling from one country to another.The watch also features Casio’s solar-powered technology.

The Waveceptorincludes Casio’s “Smart Access” system, made possible by separate motors that drive the hour, minute and second hands.

Smart Access,” enables the wearer to easily navigate between a wide range of functions, including a 1/20-second stopwatch, alarm and different world times.

Transmitter-controlled timekeeping keeps the watches accurate where the time calibration signal is available.

Smart Access

• Radio-controlled
• Signal reception from one of six different transmitters around the globe
• 1/20-second chronograph
• Lap memory 10
• 5 independent motors for amazingly fast function switching
• World time
• Daily alarm
• 100-meter water resistance
• Stainless steel case and band
• Date display
• EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle

EDIFICE Smart Accese  EQW-A1110WAVE CEPTOR  Multi band 6

Casio Releases Limited Edition EFR-520RB

Casio Releases Limited Edition Red Bull Racing Model Watch

EFR-520RBCasio announced the forthcoming release of the EDIFICE EFR-520RB – the latest in the range of Limited Edition EDIFICE watches built in partnership with Red Bull Racing.

Under the concept of “Speed and Intelligence,” EDIFICE watches evoke a sense of velocity and motor-sports energy with the movement of the hands and distinctive watch face. They are especially popular with young people, thanks to their full-featured stopwatch functions and distinctive face designs.

Casio has supported Red Bull Racing as an official partner since 2009, recognizing that the youthful image and energy of the team, as well as its outstanding technology development capabilities, are a perfect match for the EDIFICE brand concept. In the 2011 season, Red Bull Racing won the Formula One™ Constructors’ Championships and the Formula One TM Drivers’ Championships for the second year in a row. Five races have been completed in the 2012 season, and the team is once again delivering good results.

The EFR-520RB is a limited edition model that has been designed in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. It is based on the previously released EFR-520 model, which features a multi layered watch face and dynamic face design. A 1/20-second disk-shaped indicator situated at the 12 o’clock position rotates at high speed when in the stopwatch mode, ensuring precise time measurement. The watch reflects the Red Bull Racing brand featuring the team logo above the numbering on the face and the team colors in various places, with the side buttons and dial edge finished in blue, the small hand in yellow, and the second hand and outer edge of the disk hand finished in red.

As a one-of-a-kind collector’s item, the EFR-520RB comes in a special box with stands for displaying the watch and photographs of the Red Bull Racing team’s drivers and RB8 Formula One™ car.

Team logo located on the upper watchface. Features the Red Bull Racing team colors; second hand in red, small hand in yellow, and dial edge in blue.
Team logo located on the upper
watch face.
Features the Red Bull Racing team
colors; second hand
in red, small hand in yellow, and dial edge in blue.
Uses the team color blue for the side button, as an accent color.
Uses the team color blue for the side
button, as an accent color.

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